41zero42 - Fiorano Modenese | Tilelook Kappa by 41zero42

Kappa is a wall tile collection composed of 12 vibrant and solid colors. It comes specifically in size 5x20 2”x8” with a polished finish. Its surface is characterized by unique irregularities of handcrafted products. Joining this series is a tridimensional element: Raw which brings to mind the typical tiles of external facades of the buildings in the 70’s reinterpeted with an opaque white granuled surface like the

plaster of the Apuglian farms. Five very interesting pencils were used to create a fun twist: three glossy colored, one in terracotta and one in natural wood; decorative elements that were very characteristic of the past years. The possibility of different combinations is endless. From monochrome backgrounds to multiple colors to create unique patterns. This is why we have devised a simulator on our website with 16 chromatically customizable laying models. We’ve always believed in the power of color and in the strength that it transmits to the living space. Kappa is pure energy.

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