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Sanindusa Indústria De Sanitários S.A. - Aveiro | Tilelook

Sanindusa Indústria de Sanitários S.A.

Zona Industrial Aveiro Sul, Rua Augusto Marques Branco, nº 84, Aveiro,

For more than 25 years Sanindusa has been recognized for its high-quality bathroom and kitchen products. From early on the focus was on innovation and our customer’s needs, earning customer trust for the transparency and precision that we encompass in all our projects. The group consists of 5 production units and has 100% Portuguese roots. Our main focus is to take the brand image and soul to the 4 corners of the world. The bold and innovative design is the common denominator of our creations and the ecological concerns are combined into our range of products. The constant investment in technology has allowed the company to achieve a pioneering position. Providing investment return and ensuring the present and future continuity for the group since 1993.

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