Shades Fango

Značka Armonie
Série Shades
Kód 044000005_1
Velikost 30x10 cm
Kusů/Balení 1.02 m² - 34 kusy
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Popis produktu

Attractive colour variations are the stand-out feature of Shades, making it perfect for surface compositions filled with movement and a strong personality. Presented in the traditional 10×30 format, Shades is ideal for laying as a cover, combining the attractive vintage spirit inherited from the format with a typically contemporary creative look. Formulated in white, grey, anthracite, bronze, beige and green, the collection revolves around the development of each shade in three different degrees of intensity for total project customisation. Přečíst si více Méně

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Armonie Casalgrande - Itálie

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