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Značka Blob
Série Smyle
Kategorie Koupelnové skříňky
Velikost 105x151x48 cm

Popis produktu

The Blob design philosophy has produced Smyle, a collection of bathroom furniture that combines good looks and functionality to provide a modern, practical bathroom that will adapt to any space thanks to its versatility and distinctive character. The distinguishing element of the collection is the bathroom cabinet with double deep drawer that provides plenty of storage space, for a truly practical bathroom. Large, attractive handles are incorporated directly into the door thickness and the shape of the rounded bathroom cabinet makes for pleasant harmony. The wash basin available as a single or double option lends the finishing touch to a comfortable personal space where freedom of movement plays a key role. The wash basin is placed off-centre and is a variant of the bathroom furniture collection, ideal when seeking slim, dynamic solutions. The large mirror wall unit has a spacious storage compartment and is an excellent solution where lots of space is needed. Přečíst si více Méně
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