97811 - LAVABO 205

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97811 - LAVABO 205

Značka Clever Griferia
Série Aude
Kategorie Umyvadlové kohouty
Kód 97811
Velikost 6x28x21 cm

Popis produktu

Clever's AUDE faucet collection presents a striking and voluptuous design that combines aesthetics and ergonomics. It beautifies rooms in a natural way while improving the energy efficiency of the entire home, it is the preferred alternative for families for whom design and savings are important concepts.
The AUDE basin mixer tap is made of high-quality chrome-plated brass with a low density of lead and tin. Its measurements, superior to the rest of the basin taps in its range, make it perfect for large spaces or basin spouts where it is necessary to maneuver with ease. Among its features, it incorporates the EcoNature system, which consists of a factory-calibrated two-position cartridge that regulates the flow depending on the use. In the first position it saves up to 50% of water and to obtain the maximum pressure it is only necessary a simple gesture raising the lever to the highest position. Přečíst si více Méně

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