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Značka Laufen
Série Laufen Pro
Kategorie Vany
Velikost 190x60x90 cm

Popis produktu

LAUFEN pro is a comprehensive bathroom range, which offers the ideal solution for every spatial situation and requirement and also reflects the building values ​​of the current generation. Industrial design is the modern answer to the once revolutionary idea that everyone has a right to enjoy beautiful forms. Good design is now no longer a right reserved for the most affluent customers. Modern methods of industrial production and designers such as Peter Wirz of Vetica, who put optimum manufacturing feasibility at the forefront of their creative processes, make such sanitary ware ranges as LAUFEN pro possible. This does not just benefit the designer, more importantly, it also benefits the customer. Přečíst si více Méně
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Laufen Laufen - Švýcarsko 408 Výrobky

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