Alchimia Esagono Nero

  • Alchimia Esagono Nero 26,6x23 cm Quintessenza Alchimia

Alchimia Esagono Nero

Značka Quintessenza
Série Alchimia
Kód ALC103M
Velikost 26,6x23 cm
Kusů/Balení 0.5 m² - 8 kusy

Popis produktu

In ancient times one of the biggest challenges facing the Alchemists was the search for the Philosopher's Stone or the Quintessence, the element capable of revealing the secrets of life and matter, like the elixir of longevity or the transmutation of common metals into gold. Through the alternation of several hexagons, a surface created using the Alchimia collection offers changing shapes and geometry to create decorative harmony with arabesque and patchwork motifs or shifting towards an illusion of shapes, dimensions and depths obtained by the balanced use of colour. Přečíst si více Méně
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