AVDP3 180

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AVDP3 180

Značka Ravak
Série Supernova
Kategorie Vanové stěnové panely
Velikost 180x137x6 cm

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Popis produktu

Bath three-part sliding door dimensions 120/150/160/170/180 cm frame design: white / satin filling plastic: rain or safety glass: transparent / grape door consists of one fixed and two sliding parts. The structure is made of thick-walled aluminum profiles with a quality finish and maximum tightness. Bath doors can be installed on rectangular bathtubs (Classic, Sonata, Campanula II, Vanda II and Lilia) or to any classic rectangular bath with a straight upper rim. Bath AVDP3 door suitable for closing the recess (i.e. walled space with three walls) or form an enclosed space in combination with the fixed wall APSV. The standard height is 1370 mm screens. Turn the tub-door AVDP3 180⁰ is obtained by variation of the entry from the right or left. With the adjustment profile of the product can be extended by 20 mm. Bath doors we can solve for peace. Přečíst si více Méně
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