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Beauty flourishes and becomes easier on the large-size tiles. Surprising wall tiles you’ll love exploring! Woodland, jungles, carpets of flowers, exquisite textures and geometric designs, embellished by traces of light. Endless walls that amplify living spaces, adding extra depth by overlaying textures, shimmering colours and matt and glossy décor elements, enhanced by the 80x160 size.

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Fap  CeramicheFiorano Modenese | Tilelook


VIA GHIAROLA NUOVA 44, Fiorano Modenese, MO

FAP ceramiche produces high quality tiles for floors and walls of the bathroom, the kitchen and all the rooms of the house. Fap ceramiche offers products and solutions able to represent and project onto the bathroom and the home the personality of the people who live there. Our company philosophy is a vocation to create timeless products that set hearts racing. Fap collections combine the heritage of ceramic tradition with the pursuit of contemporary design. Our aim is to offer a fresh take on ceramic wall coverings every time: Fap ceramiche is an outstanding, top-quality brand able to innovate by offering a balanced mix of the traditional and the modern, of technical quality and a creative touch. With Fap ceramiche products, a dream home is no longer a luxury for the chosen few, but a real opportunity within everyone reach.

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