Bench-Wall Hung Basin

  • Bench-Wall Hung Basin - Acquagrande Kollektion von Flaminia | Tilelook

Bench-Wall Hung Basin

Marke Flaminia
Kollektion Acquagrande
Kategorie Bench-Wand hing Becken
Code 5088
Masse 39x15x29 cm


A strong architectural impact has highlighted the Acquagrande washbasin since its first appearance during the Abitare il Tempo show in 1997; its large dimensions and minimal lines have rapidly made it an icon of the new bathroom, of geometrical rigour and of a renewed domestic living. The Acquagrande line is the most complete as it is composed of bench, wall hung, semi-inset and vanity basins, available in various sizes and finishes. Among the options of installation, The smaller sized Acquababy and Acqualight models emphasize the same geometric component as Acquagrande: ultra-micro-proportions for those who cannot do without design. Weiter Weniger
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