A-630 Sideboard

  • A-630 Sideboard - Sideboards Kollektion von Dale Italia | Tilelook

A-630 Sideboard

Marke Dale Italia
Kollektion Sideboards
Kategorie Sideboards
Code A-630
Masse 192x83x51 cm


DALE sideboards are an amalgamation of stylish and sought-after aesthetics with a slight 1950s vibe, ready to take centre stage as the real protagonists of the contemporary home. The chests differ in design but share the same Made in Italy quality and come with a wide range of door options. Our understanding of how to mix materials is showcased in our mosaic doors featuring different types of wood, wood matched with marble, and minimal, all-wood doors. A wide range of modern chests which are inspired in their design and playful in their simplicity, a collection designed for those who want to surround themselves with beautiful, sophisticated objects and for lovers of traditionally Italian creative design. Weiter Weniger
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