Tara Ta 712

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Tara Ta 712

Marke Kolpa
Kollektion Tara
Kategorie Oberschränke
Masse 45x72x20 cm


For the highest level of comfort. Assurance of soft and silent closing, which at the same time also ensures the practicality required in each bathroom space.
The formally refined washbasin of sharp modern forms rests on the chest of drawers in contrasting notes of basic natural elements with two drawers with a silent closing system.
Light activation and light dimmer adjustment of the Ø80, 100, 120 mirror. The mirror is available in combination with the selected furniture or as a stand-alone.
Five rich elements combine to the luxury of storage space and convenient storage areas.
The option of a stylish freestanding mirror with LED illumination and touch control available.
Tara furniture is available in white matte, satin oak color and dark oak color.
Furniture made of enhanced chipboard, coated with 3D foil.
Cast marble washbasin (Siphon included) with metal holders with soft closing and chrome-plated metal handles.
Light: TO 70, 90, 110 LEDs, SW, S: 10W/11.5W/14.4W.
EG 60, 80, 100 LED, T: 9.5 W/11.5 W/13.5 W
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