Urban 21

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Urban 21

Marke Mobiltesino
Kollektion Urban
Kategorie Waschbeckenschränke
Code UR21
Masse 120x160x51 cm


The new Mobiltesino project is a complete system that makes every bathroom environment come alive with personality: Urban combines attention to detail with an essential design, it consists of elements with simple lines obtained through the careful combination of spaces and volumes. It includes a wide range of elements with 3 heights and 6 widths for base units as well as the easy combination with the wall units, columns and open compartments. A neat design thanks to, among other things, the use of the grooved door and open compartments of matching size, materials and finishes.the same modular proposal is enriched by the opening with metal handle, in 2 versions and 3 colors that makes it adaptable to multiple configurations and is intelligently versatile, capable to find space within different furnishing solutions. Weiter Weniger
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