Trevi Cushion 2902 vers.126

Marke Natuzzi
Kollektion Trevi 2902
Kategorie Kissen
Code 2902126
Size 60x52x31 cm
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Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, the Trevi sofa, with ample seating and a low backrest, draws you in to a deeper state of relaxation. The smart open base combines wood and metal for a strong visual contrast. Its sinuous forms blend with the modern base, responding to what we demand of our furniture. Options: - Contrast stitching - Cushions available in leather or fabric - Feet available in different wood finishes with metal details Comfort: - Seat cushion includes a layer of memory foam, a pressure-sensitive soft polyurethane, that recovers its form completely, providing great comfort.

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