Moon 45 wall hung bidet

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Moon 45 wall hung bidet

Marke Scarabeo
Kollektion Moon
Kategorie Wand-Bidet
Code 5525
Masse 35x28x45 cm


Beautiful, elegant, practical and modern, the Moon 45 wall-hung bidet is a central piece of furniture in the design bathroom, a commendable sanitary fixture, which takes shape from first choice ceramic materials that dance in unison with shapes with a contemporary taste , thus giving life to spaces that set trends.

Moon is an extraordinary bidet that combines in the best way the need for practicality and the desire for elegance; easy to clean, this suspended sanitary anchored to the wall also facilitates the cleaning of the floor, giving greater hygiene to all surfaces. Perfect to be installed in any space, including the long and narrow environment, this suspended bidet helps to make the bathroom super welcoming and particularly refined. Weiter Weniger

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