Washbasin 42x42

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Washbasin 42x42

Marke Scarabeo
Kollektion Moon
Kategorie Aufsatzwaschbecken
Code 5504
Masse 42x18x42 cm


In a contemporary style bathroom furniture, the Moon sink finds its best place for the purity of its sinuous shapes and, at the same time, essential and elegant.
But not only. Buying it also means "standing out" because this solid and unconventional complement expresses the character and personality of the owner.
Design study, refinement and careful selection of materials blend perfectly into a single element, artfully made for those who love to surround themselves with beautiful, high-design objects.
Its strength lies in the originality of its profile characterized by soft and rounded curves that give pleasure both to the touch and to the look.
Choosing the sink of the Moon Collection is a winning idea not only from an aesthetic point of view for its strong visual impact, but also in economic terms because it is an element of fine workmanship, compact and ultra-resistant capable of guaranteeing long life. .
Despite having small dimensions (18 A x 42 L x 42 L) the bathtub is extremely large and it is surprising how an object so "apparently" small turns out not only to be an excellent space-saving solution, but also very comfortable and welcoming throughout family.
Ideal, therefore, to optimize the spaces in bathrooms of modest size, it often happens that those lucky enough to have larger contexts decide to buy two, "personalizing" the environment and making the expense even more advantageous. In this case, by placing them side by side, on a washbasin shelf or a practical storage unit, you can have all the accessories, essential for personal hygiene, always in order and within reach. Weiter Weniger

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