Graniti Fiandre S.P.A, - Castellarano | Tilelook Il Veneziano Maximum by Fiandre

Following in the footsteps of this quintessential trend, Il Veneziano echoes the magnificent traditions of age-old, artisan craftsmanship. In full-bodied ceramics, classical terrazzo tiles deliver tremendous architectural impact. Each surface is a technical-aesthetic fusion of romanticism and innovation, classic sophistication and avant-garde. Introduced into contemporary projects, this luxurious tribute to the 15th century palaces overlooking the Venetian Lagoon immediately, quietly and almost irresistibly consigns them to all eternity.

Il Veneziano full-bodied porcelain tiles retain all their aesthetic and physical qualities: effortless manufacturing, twofold natural or polished finish, five sizes in 6 colors and 10 millimeter thickness. Available, on request*, in antibacterial, antiviral, anti-pollution and self-cleaning surfaces Active Surfaces effect with the collection gaining a privileged position in the near future of architecture.

Opening up a future of multi-level projects and unprecedented creative design. In this context, Il Veneziano transcends its own designs, giving you complete freedom to customize colors and sizes in line with evolving style requirements. Background tone, variety of particles and format size are entirely at the designers’ discretion, inducing you to make ceramic tiles a sophisticated, successful medium for artistic expression. Request advice specifically tailored to your requirements.

*Active Surfaces: minimum order per project: 1000 square meters.

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