Graniti Fiandre S.P.A, - Castellarano | Tilelook Roc Ancien by Fiandre

Roc Ancien is inspired by the famous stone of Burgundy, a region in which the material can be found in countless applications.

From Burgundy stone, known across the world, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has created a collection with an appearance that is authentic to the touch and that perfectly interprets the appeal of the original texture with a cutting-edge surface that has all the advantages of porcelain tile, produced by the company with a focus on sustainability.

The three colours in the range present neutral tones suitable for different types of interior, with a “clouding” effect that gives movement to a surface and highlights the diversity of the natural material.

The wide range, with its different sizes, thicknesses and finishes, offers designers and architects a living surface, whether internal or external, to use as flooring, cladding or for ventilated or glued façades.

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