Ceramica Fioranese - Fiorano Modenese | Tilelook I Variegati by Ceramica Fioranese

Fioranese offers a new take on tradition: the material appeal and history of the variegated terracotta Italy is renowned for meets modern industrial techniques, shaping a brand-new product that teams the beauty of tradition with the outstanding performance of industrial technology. Terracotta thus has something new to say, in cultural as well as aesthetic terms, and the “I Variegati” collection takes its inspiration from a noble material shaped by the skilled hands of craftsmen from Lombardia.
The hallmark feature of this terracotta-effect porcelain stoneware material is its characteristic streaks, which give it a decorative appeal, bringing a touch of artisan elegance to enchanting interiors. The marble effect of the surfaces in the “I Variegati” collection is featured in a range of classic earthy shades.
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