Globo - Castel Sant'Elia | Tilelook 4ALL by Globo

4ALL is the new collection for everyone which includes a huge variety of Items characterized by an advanced design and by a moderate price. The basins have wide sinks and are characterized by thin edges. The wall hung pans do not show any fixing hole. The floor mounted pans (back to wall) can also be used with MULTI drain system.

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Globo - Castel Sant'Elia | Tilelook


Castel Sant’Elia 01030 (VT) Località La Chiusa, Castel Sant'Elia, VT

Since 1980 a success story Focused on increasing the value of human resources and on a balanced relationship with the environment, have led Ceramica Globo to become a leader in the health-hygiene and bathroom furniture industry.

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