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A strategy: to re-interpret with a modern twist the product that has been one of LaFaenza’s best sellers. Cottofaenza offers colours and surface appearances that are the essence of the collection, now inspired by the typical types of fired clays of various origin. From Tuscan-style leathery dark brown, to Mexican or Spanish variations, and the hand-made black version from the sold factories in the area around Salerno. The meticulous and precise interpretation of ceramics is underlined by the oxidations featuring gloss in the zones near the edges, typical of high temperature firing of these products in an open fire, directly in contact with the pieces.

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La Faenza Ceramica - Imola | Tilelook

La Faenza Ceramica

Via Vittorio Veneto, 13, Imola, BO

Faenza and its artistic culture are the unique inspiration behind a new creative design project. It is a style of production that first emerged in 1962 with Carlo Zauli, the company's Art Director and Designer up until the 1990s. Zauli's approach was based on a highly refined vision of art and elegance and his works are still displayed in prestigious international institutions like the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. A culture of ceramics and innovation seen as a synergy of technical expertise and creativity, this is the unique style of LaFaenza ceramics.

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