Grés Panaria Portugal S.A. - Ilhavo | Tilelook Linea Pure Stone by Margres

Pure Stone is a selection of four natural stones that represent the flexibility of the ceramic product. It is one of Margres' most complete solutions, as its extensive range of formats, thicknesses, colours and finishes adapts to all types of scenarios, requirements and needs. In order to accompany architecture and design, the 6mm Pure Stone range represents an incredible advantage, as it can be applied not only on floors and walls, but also on furniture and complements such as countertops, kitchens or doors. Each piece is unique and brings us closer to architecture and design. Elegant and sophisticated, Pure Stone is a faithful reproduction of stone in its natural state and reminiscent of architectural trends. These four stones are made in coloured porcelain stoneware and, besides being an extremely versatile collection in terms of application, the aesthetic aspect is of great importance. Pure Stone offers several options in a single ceramic collection.
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