Peronda - Onda | Tilelook Supreme by Museum

SUPREME is a collection that unites stylish elegance with a strong design appeal. Inspired by select pieces of Invisible Blue marble, its bluish-grey surface veining contrasts with the white background, lending each of the tiles a personality more synonymous with a work of art. One special peculiarity are the additional effects of the collection’s Shaped finish, further enhancing its striking veined pattern, with end results that surpass those of the real marble. Available in 4D TECH in a 260x100cm Natural finish and 180x100cm and 100cmx100cm Premium Polished or Shaped finish. Also available in a Polished or Natural finish in a 60x120cm or 75.5x151cm format, and in 33.3x100cm wall tiles in a Natural finish. SUPREME is perfect for creating settings conceived to make a unique, highly original impact, elevating the concept of deluxe sophistication to new levels.
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