Thumb senza titolo 2 Coast Road by Supergres

Tiles look like stones of central/northern European origin In designing the new Coast Road collection, Supergres has taken its inspiration from different stones from Northern Europe, mixing them to create an original material surface. A refined, elegant surface, featuring soft, balanced graphics, in 5 contemporary colours ranging from white and ivory to pearl grey and anthracite. To respond to the most complex, modern project design demands, Coast Road comprises both porcelain stoneware and white-body tiles. The stoneware range comes in 5 shades and 4 rectified sizes, ranging from 90x90 (a new size in the Supergres range, with a 9 mm thickness) to 60x120, as well as the traditional 60x60 and 30x60 sizes.The white-body tiles come in 4 colours (excluding dark), in the rectified size 30.5x91.5, with both a smooth surface and two three-dimensional in-line textures. This project is suitable for both commercial and residential interiors, where the elegance of stone teams with the technical performance of porcelain stoneware and the versatility of white-body tiles, taking a key role in contemporary design. A surface with balanced graphics and a timeless elegance
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