French Mood by Supergres

When natural stone is combined with the perfection of ceramic technology, the result is a timeless material where the material is the protagonist. Supergres chose 4 different stones found in France and Belgium and faithfully copied their looks, their shades of colour and every single detail, recreating them using the latest generation porcelain stoneware, maintaining the original colour and characteristics of each type of stone.

When natural stone becomes ceramic, it can meet the many demands of contemporary life. French Mood reproduces 4 natural stones with different aesthetic and chromatic properties (Pierre Bleue, beige Burgundy, ivory Burgundy, and grey Hainaut stone quarried in the Ardennes), in a porcelain stoneware product offering a superior technical performance, and a practical and functional surface that is not affected by the passing of time. Available in different shapes and finishes (natural and textured for outdoors), the French Mood project completes the Stonework series with the addition of warm colours (even the pierre bleue chosen has warm, not bluish, tones).

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