Thumb senza titolo 2 French Mood T20 by Supergres

T_20 is the ideal solution for the outdoor paving of residential and commercial settings, perfect for gardens, paths, summer terraces of bars and restaurants, driveways and all kinds of outdoor areas that require excellent technical performance and effective slip resistance even on wet surfaces.Unlike natural materials, Art T_20 is non-absorbent, resistant to chemical attack (and is also unaffected by the salt we spread on ice to prevent slipping), does not create mould or moss. It is very easy to clean, and both the colour and technical characteristics remain unaltered over time.

Like all the other T_20 collections, the material can be laid in a number of ways: placed on top of gravel, grass or sand, glued in the traditional manner or raised on top of polypropylene supports.Special trims are also available to finish pool edges, drainage grids, L-shaped or round ends, perfectly coordinated with the colour chosen for the paving.The T_20 range shares the superb style features of the 10 mm variant, allowing for perfect continuity with the flooring laid indoors.

French Mood T_20 is the ideal solution for beautiful outdoor paving, able to remain unaltered over time.

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