Tagina Ceramiche - Alberazzo-canalvecchio | Tilelook Wire Compact by Tagina

The finishing slabs Wire Compact 20 mm stands out for the high anti-slip resistance, the good durability through time and the structural inalterability in any weather condition. The Wire raised flooring system is conceived with the employment of bearing supports in polypropylene that can be fixed, adjustable and auto-levelling. The system allows the making of laying levels with adjustable height from 12 to 600 mm. The outdoor raised flooring system with open joints, allows an easy downflow of rain water avoiding any risk of stagnations. The raised flooring laying allows the passage of structural wiring and piping systems that facilitates the inspection and the maintenance between the laying level and the support level. The Wire slabs can be laid by dry also on gravel, sand o grass.
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