Colorker Sa - L'Alcora | Tilelook Evoke by ZYX

EVOKE. New geometries and three-dimensional lure.
ZYX presents EVOKE, their first collection made up of two ceramic elements designed to give a unique personality to a space. Evoke, with its spatial vocation, by passes two dimensionality, giving volume to its coverings, a functional collection with great creative potential that explores the limits of volume. EVOKE transforms the wall into a great canvas for creating new and powerful architectural spaces. New formats, a multitude of finishes and infinite decorative possibilities are the marks of a design capable of generating stunning projects. EVOKE is composed of a triangle and small diamond in white body, two items that leave conventionalism behind and are notable for their three-dimensionality and volume. Two items with varying relief that provide multiple mounting possibilities and manage to create interiors remarkable for their personality, design and use of light.
ZYX, surpassing the limits of two-dimensionality
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