Colorker Sa - L'Alcora | Tilelook Metropolitain by ZYX

METROPOLITAIN is a collection that invites us to travel back in time, it evokes the past and recovers one of the great icons of ceramic design: the metro style bevelled tiles that are so characteristic of the city dwelling atmosphere of Paris at the start of the 20th century. A return to origins that has led ZYX to incorporate a revamped classic into its portfolio of products. This is a piece with a retro touch, that has been turned on its head thanks to the sets of colours, its 8 graphics and its multiple fitting options. METROPOLITAIN brings together the latest trends, colours, materials and textures with the elements that characterise this ´icon´ of interior design. Sticking to the principle of “no limits, no rules” we have extended the range of traditional colours of this piece and we have multiplied its fitting options in order to provide professionals with a tool for creativity and experimentation. METROPOLITAIN does not lose sight of the qualities and design characteristics that comprise the unique personality of this classic: its 10x20 format, its simplicity, elegance and its resistance.
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