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23€ monthly
46€ monthly
175€ monthly
Product catalogues
Upload unlimited number of products and branded catalogues
Create your product "wishlist" with products you use frequently
Keep your products for private use only
Give access to your private products and wishlist to all your team
3D Software & Render
Create 3D projects with full HD photo-realistic rendering
Unlimited drawing and 3D modelling features
Unlimited use of products in your projects
Export custom project presentations to PDF
Export quantities and prices to Excel
Export tile layouts to 2D CAD (DXF)
Import/Export 3D rooms and models (SKP, 3DS, DAE, OBJ)
Render in ultra-HD (4K display), A4 and A3 paper
360° VR rendering to view on browser and Virtual Reality devices
Branded (limited) version with unlimited FREE access from your website
Save your projects on file (offline)
Save and publish your projects in "My Tilelook" (online) max 100 projects max 100 projects Unlimited Unlimited
Keep your projects private (not visible by visitors of Tilelook)
Modify/Share projects in team using the same account
Modify/Share projects in team using more accounts
Modify/Share projects by users of the branded version on your website
Branded App for Android and iOS with 360° projects gallery
Contacts & Sales
Custom web profile, receive contacts for products and projects
Your profile geo-localized on the product pages to receive contacts closer to you
Your profile geo-localized for visitors that are looking for professionals close to them
Get sales inquiries from Tilelook's "noticeboard" for the brands you sell
Sponsored projects with your products in monthly newsletter 4 projects per year
Multi-user Management
Use the 3D Design Tool on more computers at same time 3 included 15 included
Manage resellers of your brand
Manage your team's accounts
Data Analytics
Number of views, downloads and enquiries for each of your products