Tilelook PRO, a complete, user friendly 3D rendering software for Interiors

All this for just 23€ per month or 230€ per year

Design your own custom 3D rooms

With Tilelook PRo create the room you want without having any knowledge of CAD software:

choose the basic shape, enter the measurements and add doors and windows, guided along by a simple wizard. Complete the plan view by adding any building element: steps, platforms, columns, niches and slanted ceilings. A handy 3D view, always there, shows in real time all your changes.

Create room

Place 3D models in your room

Placing your 3D models in your room is very easy: drag the model into the project, hook it to a wall and move it with the mouse.

All this with a 3D view which allows you to understand immediately the spaces you have available. You can choose 3D models like sanitary ware, taps and furniture items from the online library always updated on Tilelook. Alternatively you can find, download and add to the project any model from the largest database of 3D models, the 3D Warehouse by SketchUp (2.7 million models).

Place objects

Cover the rooms creating easy, customed layout styles

In the program you have specific functions to create layouts without any restrictions.

Search products by item number, manufacturer, series, colour or size, and drag it to the floor or walls that you want to cover. Select the starting point of the layout, the number of rows and columns, or fill the entire surface. Not only, you can also set the grouting (colour and thickness), cuts and the shading.

Complete your layouts, replace a tile with another for the whole project or just for individual pieces to add any decorations. Once you have the desired layout you can copy/paste it on the other walls.

Layout tiles

Get photo-realistic renderings in minutes

With Tilelook PRO obtaining a photo-realistic render is simple: just click the “rendering” button.

No need to set any parameters for light and materials, in fact, every object is pre-set, for example, you just add a window or a lamp to illuminate the room. Set the scene, launch the rendering and get a quality photo-realistic image (Full HD) in 15/30 minutes.

View some rendered projects by Tilelook users


Export a bill of quantities and list of products

Provide a print out of your project to your customers and tilers.

Often there isn’t time to complete a project, the customer simply wants to have an idea of price. With Tilelook PRO at any phase of the project you can export the list of products (square meters, pieces, boxes, waste etc.) and the estimate in an excel spreadsheet complete with item numbers, descriptions and prices (which you can customise).

At any stage of your work you can print a complete document that includes: the rendering or the 3D views of the room, the floor plan, layout patterns listed for each surface, a list of all the products used, your logo and contacts. The best way to convince the customer to purchase, showing from the start how professional you are.

Print render
Print blueprint
Print wall tiles
Print product list

Support service and upgrades included in your Tilelook PRO subscription

Technical support

Support via phone and Skype Monday to Friday during office hours

Internet cloud download

All software updates, automatically installed at each login

Pc share

Remote control, screen sharing to get better support faster

Documents symbol

Updates of library products, always available online, no limits

All this for just 23€ per month or 230€ per year