Donna UD 60 LM

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Donna UD 60 LM

Brand Kolpa
Collection Donna
Category Washbasins with countertop
Size 60x14x54 cm

Product description

For the highest level of comfort. Assurance of soft and silent closing, which at the same time also ensures the practicality required in each bathroom space.
Metal drawers with soft closing offer additional adjustments for all your bathroom amenities.

Functionality in the service of your comfort. The doors open at a push, without additional handles, giving the bathroom a modern and elegant design.
Different sizes of drawers in thoughtful design with additional storage area.
Light activation and light dimmer adjustment of the Ø80, 100, 120 mirror. The mirror is available in combination with the selected furniture or as a stand-alone.
An unmistakable style of clean, straight lines and an eternal black and white color combination.
Donna's bathroom furniture follows the traditional style of an eternal color combination that perfectly adapts to every modern interior.
Furniture made of lacquered MDF boards.↵Available cast or ceramic marble washbasin, built into the kerrock plate.↵Metallic drawers with soft closing with embedded handles on the front.↵Light:↵TOD 60, 80, 100 LED, SW, S: 5.5 W/7.4 W/9.3 W↵OG 60, 80, 100 LED, T: 9.5 W / 11.5 W/13.5 W

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