Bianco MK.TRA RA 30

  • Bianco MK.TRA RA 30 30x30 cm La Faenza Bianco

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Bianco MK.TRA RA 30

Brand La Faenza
Collection Bianco
Code MK.TRA RA 30
Size 30x30 cm

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Product description

White is a colour with high brightness, but without any hue. More precisely, it contains all the colours of the light spectrum and is also known as an achromatic colour. It is the opposite of black, which is the absence of colour. The great intrinsic potential of white pushed LaFaenza to seek natural surfaces to apply to it And it is from nature that LaFaenza draws its inspiration, creating six distinct marble surfaces with a single common factor, white. White is offered in the new 90x180 cm format and the classic 90x90 cm and 45x90 cm formats, with two surface versions: one natural with an uneven surface, and one lapped gloss. A real tribute to the classic qualities of marble. This year, LaFaenza finds its highest aspiration in 'precious living', setting a goal to develop prestigious projects that can communicate with each other, while maintaining distinct identities and stylistic features; Bianco is a very charming and highly diversified proposal, which falls perfectly within this conceptual and aesthetic philosophy, while linking with the other two projects, Metallo and Legno, with great synergy. Read more Less
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