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When you know what makes you feel good. Meet the most popular rectangular bathtub in the RAVAK line. The Vanda II bathtub is characteristic by its armrests, which are ideal for reading during the bath or comfortable climbing out of the bath. Vanda is so popular that it exists in three length versions. You can thus choose a bathtub, which the size of your bathroom allows. The rectangular Vanda II bathtub has a very distinctive inner sectioning. Its armrests are most comfortable for people who like to read in the bath or who appreciate a firm support during climbing out of the bath. You can further improve your bathtub as it suits you. Instead of tiling the bathtub, you can use its ergonomically designed front panel or a stainless steel handrail for higher comfort during climbing out of the bath. Numerous compatible bathtub screens will make your showering easy.

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