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36 x 38.3 cm, por GSI Ceramica

We do not recommend the use of external flushing cisterns or systems endowed with flushometer valves. Norm Norm is GSI’s min­i­mal­ist of­fer­ing, for the client with taste who appreciates simplicity. It is a simple range with nothing superfluous, nothing or­na­men­tal. Its mul­ti­ple di­men­sions and func­tion­al­ity com­prise a sanitary range which can be customised to meet a wide range of spaces and requirements. Once combined with accessories and fixtures, this range creates a pleasing, functional elegant and minimal bathroom space.
Código de producto861511
Tamaño36x38.3x54.6 cm
CategoríaInodoro suspendido
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GSI Ceramica

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