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Marca Cielo
Colección Fluid
Categoría Inodoros de suelo
Código FLVA
Tamaño 38x43x54 cm

Descripción de producto

Design by Marco Piva. He defines his language as fetching, fluid and functional, authoring designs in architecture, product design and interior decoration. The attentive research on materials and technology, the eclectic approach and innovative design has resulted in the foundation of Studiodada Associati, whose creations are among the most representative of the Radical Design period. In the Eighties he opened Studio Marco Piva, working in a wide range of fields, from large architecture projects to interiors to industrial design. Piva sees himself first and foremost as a traveller and only secondarily as a designer, and researches and designs solutions that burst forth with stylistic freedom, emotional intensity and new symbologies, in colours that belie all intellectualism and rigidity. Leer más Menor
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