Ludo Bianco 60X120 3D

  • Ludo Bianco 60X120 3D 60x120 cm Ceramica Rondine Ludo

Ludo Bianco 60X120 3D

Marca Ceramica Rondine
Colección Ludo
Código J91057
Tamaño 60x120 cm

Descripción de producto

Simple. Elegant. Modern. Three words that describe the essence of Ludo series. A line that takes inspiration from the play of colors, the casual mix of shades, designs and shapes. Eight shades of colors stand out to express all your artistic sides, allow us to go beyond the rules and let yourself be drawn into a joyful and playful dimension.With its five decorations and three 3D structures, Ludo makes each environment unique, personalizing it in an exclusive and original way. This is a trendy series that inspires the imagination and the creative side of all of you. Leer más Menor
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