Garda Bardolino Ret

  • Garda Bardolino Ret 120x60 cm Alfalux Garda

Garda Bardolino Ret

Marca Alfalux
Colección Garda
Código 8200791
Tamaño 120x60 cm
Pzs/Caja 1.44 m² - 2 pcs
Precio 45.7 €

Descripción de producto

This collection of ours is designed and produced for the space and its furnishings, and especially for the people who live in it: for their wellbeing and their needs, attempting to contribute to the pleasures of everyday living. Original, practical, modern porcelain slabs, well-designed and innovative, made to last for generations, timeless and immune to fashion. Leer más Menor
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