Cembro Ret 8200401

  • Cembro Ret 8200401 30x120 cm Alfalux Tabula

Cembro Ret 8200401

Marca Alfalux
Colección Tabula
Código 8200401
Tamaño 30x120 cm
Pzs/Caja 1.08 m² - 3 pcs

Descripción de producto

“Wood effect” porcelain tiles have long ceased to be a simple covering for floors; thanks to digital technology, they have evolved into a significant element for interior design. In the forefront of the new trends in living – and not just for urban dwelling – they succeed in creating warm, welcoming atmospheres equivalent to an armchair or other furnishing elements, thus establishing themselves as one of the most appealing on-trend features in the design and creation of residential premises. Leer más Menor
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