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Marca Fama Sofas
Colección LuciPop
Categoría Mesa de café
Código 0238
Tamaño 81x48x61 cm

Descripción de producto

LuciPop is a very daring modular sofa, but we are confident that it will mark a milestone in the world of upholstered furniture. In addition to its simple design and great comfort, its main feature is the removable cover. There are many sofas with removable covers in the market, but they usually have two main issues: the first problem is that the covers are very complicated to put on, the second one is that these covers usually have a very high price, which makes them unaffordable for the client.LuciPop is the result of almost three years of work, starting from the necessity of designing a sofa which is very easy to fit, and with an affordable price, so that the process of changing the covers is something quick and simple. This way you will be able to change the image of your living room whenever you want, with covers of different patterns and colours, creating fashion in our home. In the end, we have achieved a modular sofa that meets all our targets, a simple design that offers spectacular comfort without the need for mechanisms or scatter cushions.The modules are available in two different heights that allow you to create a huge variety of combinations to fit all homes and facilities.The final touch is provided by the new patented Flexipop suspension system, which provides a flexible sitting sensation that surprises very pleasantly. It is also available with tall wooden legs for a Nordic Look, or with a low 3cm leg, for those who prefer a more casual, chill-out style. Leer más Menor

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