PDOP2 110 satin

PDOP2 110 satin

Marca Ravak
Serie Pivot
Categoría Mamparas
Tamaño 105x190x30 cm

Descripción de producto

Size: 1061-1111x1900mm entrance 592 mm, shower doors hinged separate PDOP2, indestructible pivot mechanism for opening doors, sizes 100, 110, 120 cm, frame design: white / satin, finish pins and handles: white / chrome, white / white, satin / satin, safety glass filler transparent (without ornamentation) product height is 190 cm, the product consists of a single fixed piece equal and equal to one rotary part which forms the revolving door. Turn the product by 180 degrees left or right click option of opening the door. Installed into tiled corner of the bathroom (ideally walled niche or in combination with a solid wall PPS) trays RAVAK Perseus, Perseus Pro, Perseus Pro FLAT Perseus Chrome Gigant Pro, Gigant Pro FLAT, Giant for chromium or directly on the floor with integrated drain unit.
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