• Prestigio-Onyx_White-75x150 150x75 cm Refin Prestigio Onyx


Marca Refin
Colección Prestigio Onyx
Código NZ78
Tamaño 150x75 cm
Pzs/Caja 1.125 m² - 1 pcs

Descripción de producto

Precious Intensity Prestige and glossy sheen are the characteristics that identify Prestigio Onyx, a collection that reinterprets onyx, the most luxurious of natural stones, in a contemporary style. The material is updated through a harmonious language that speaks of sophisticated textures and contemporary shades. The intense link with light and the refined graphics creates environments with a strong aesthetic impact, that at the same time retain an elegant visual lightness. Prestigio Onyx describes all the expressive power of the material and loads it with precious, new styling. Leer más Menor
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