98783 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 265mm Agora Elegance EcoNature

  • 98783 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 265mm Elegance EcoNature - Collection Agora de Clever Griferia | Tilelook

98783 - LAVABO Single lever basin tap 265mm Agora Elegance EcoNature

Marque Clever Griferia
Collection Agora
Catégorie Robinets de lavabo
Code 98783
Taille 5x30x15 cm

Description du produit

The Agora Elegance collection is designed for homes where the love of design is present in every corner. Its curved spout lines together with a wide variety of features make this sink tap the perfect alternative for those homes where aesthetics and functionality are important concepts.
The Agora Elegance 265 basin tap is made of high-quality chrome-plated brass with a low density of lead and tin. Its dimensions, specifically its body of more than 30 centimeters in height, make this faucet a highlight in the bathroom that fits in all types of sinks and leaves ample space for easy maneuvering. It incorporates the adjustable UltraSlim aerator filter in the spout to adjust the flow output to the desired position, achieving maximum comfort. Among its features, the EcoNature cartridge patented by Clever stands out, which saves up to 50% consumption in its lowest position and is controlled from the handle to achieve maximum flow pressure.
The Agora Elegance for basin is a faucet that has all the guarantees of resistance and durability, its parts have obtained the ACS sanitary certificate, it can be assembled without tools and Clever offers a 5-year guarantee on all its products. Lire la suite Moins

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