Malaya OUM100

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  • OUM100 - Collection Malaya de Kolpa | Tilelook

Malaya OUM100

Marque Kolpa
Collection Malaya
Catégorie Meubles pour lavabo
Taille 100x41x51 cm

Description du produit

Functionality in the service of your comfort. The doors open at a push, without additional handles, giving the bathroom a modern and elegant design.
Soft closing system with built-in dampers for durable and carefree use.
For the highest level of comfort. Assurance of soft and silent closing, which at the same time also ensures the practicality required in each bathroom space.
Thin-walled metal drawers with soft closing will safely store all bathroom necessities.
Light activation and light dimmer adjustment of the Ø80, 100, 120 mirror. The mirror is available in combination with the selected furniture or as a stand-alone.
A luxurious round mirror, as a counterpoint to straight lines, adds a touch of eternal classics.
Malaya furniture is available in beige, dark gray and oak color.
The furniture is made of mediapan plates, coated with 3D foil.
Kerrock washbasin (Siphon included).
Thin-walled drawers with soft closing and metal handles.
Light: OG 80, 100, 120 - LED, IR, DIM.: 4,8W/4,8W/9,6W
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