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The whitest of whites Thanks to new manufacturing techniques, a hitherto impossible dazzling degree of whiteness has now been achieved. It is this amazing whiteness and the high gloss shine on both the field tiles and the three décors that make ICE such an unbeatable choice, whatever the interior design project. Living spaces of all kinds, whether they are bathrooms, living rooms, reception areas or bedrooms, can be given the illusion of added spaciousness with this ultra-white collection. Diamond is a décor evocative of softened diamond shapes, encased in fluid lines that cast differing reflections on its glossy surface. Waves emulates the roll of the sea's waves, bringing a calm, rhythmic sense of movement to wall surfaces. Fold is a décor that brings to mind the creases found in pliable materials like clay, paper or metal. In this case, it creates a trompe-l'oeil effect, giving the illusion of shapes that are simply impossible to make with a material so hard and resistant as fired clay.

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