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An original interpretation of a versatile material. The evolution of concrete-effect stoneware replicates sensations, graphic elements and aesthetics that are more faithful than ever to the inspiration material. The Cementum collection draws on the innovation of Marazzi’s laboratories to reproduce the appearance and properties of cast concrete using sophisticated BodyPlus production technology. Hints of colour enhance the depth and richness of the collection, while the application of anti-reflective glazes – with special body mixes for each shade – make the soft-touch, anti-slip surface extremely realistic through the integration of StepWise technology.
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Marazzi is a leading international player in the ceramic tiles sector. Experience and innovation capability, creativity and design, tradition and culture, a passion for ceramics and environmental awareness are the fortes of Marazzi ceramics which have been defining living spaces since 1935, combining aesthetics and top quality materials.

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