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Satin is made for elegant and sober environment with lots of personality. Satin is not in fact just a modern collection of wall tiles in white body with soft and satin tones; it is much more: Satin is a complete programme of products able to sustain and develop a whole range of projects, not just bathroom. Satin includes at least three very distinct collections: one for those who love the classic rectangular shape with natural edges, one for those who prefer more elongated shapes with rectified edges and, finally, one for those who love three-dimensional surfaces such as “wave” or “brick”, both sold by the square metre thanks to Piemme’s new 3D technologies. Both ideal for enhancing and highlighting interiors with that touch of extra personality always provided by Piemme-Valentino wall tiles.
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Since 1962, the year it was established, Piemme has been the undisputed protagonist of real Made in Italy – a mix of excellence, passion and creativity. Today, Piemme has reached its first 52 years of activity and is strongly projected into the future while never forgetting the wonderful episodes that have marked its history. The winning idea of tiles designed by the great stylist, Valentino, the advertising campaign of the famous Piemme children, the images taken by the photographer and artist, David Hamilton and the Formula One sponsorships with the legend of Gilles Villeneuve at the wheel of his Ferrari, have always accompanied the Piemme brand at the highest levels, making it a World protagonist. For Piemme, “Made in Italy” is not simply a brand, but an emblem containing all the values of a top-quality product, conceived, designed and made exclusively in Italy, thanks to Italian ideas, creativity and technologies. A product able to proudly show off the “100% Made in Italy” logo.

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