Star 178x84x63

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Star 178x84x63

Márka Valadares
Kollekció Bathtubs
Kategória Fürdőkád
Kód 51100201
Méret 178x63x84 cm


The bathtub is known as an element that materializes the relaxing environment that you are looking for in a bathroom.
It is a piece that will eventually stand out, adding refinement and luxury to our homes.

Currently, due to space constraints, there are many houses where there is no bathtub, only a shower tray.
If you are thinking of replacing your shower tray with a bathtub, know that it is a process that requires some investment of time and resources.
Don't rush and consider the bathtub solutions that ARCH Valadares offers: modern, classic or vintage, each bathtub has its own advantages.

We are sure that you will find a model that suits your lifestyle and your needs.

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