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Márka Clever Griferia
Kollekció Agora
Kategória Mosdó csaptelepek
Kód 60706
Méret 5x30x21 cm


The Agora Xtreme EcoNature faucet model is the longest version of the Clever brand Agora Xtreme Eco Nature design. Specifically, it has a height of 240mm up to the mixer, so it is especially suitable for surface or bowl-type sinks.

Thanks to its single-lever opening and its adjustable aerator we can direct the fall of the water and give a great adjustment to the desired temperature. It guarantees maximum comfort and convenience when using it.

This great control allows a great saving of water, possible thanks to incorporating the ECO Nature system. This function allows us to obtain 50% of the flow with a simple gesture, enough for conventional use, but if we want to achieve 100% of the flow, it will only be necessary to continue opening the handle with a gentle upward gesture.

It has an elegant matte white design that is easy to clean and always offers a clean and pleasant look to any bathroom regardless of style. It is designed to be timeless. It has the Easy Fix system for easy installation on any stake regardless of its shape and structure and that can be carried out without the need for tools.

It is guaranteed by a great manufacturer from Clever for 5 years. It is a new model that has appeared in this 2019.

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