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Márka Clever Griferia
Kollekció Timed
Kategória Nyomólapok
Kód 60736
Méret 3x5x3 cm

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Wall-mounted timed tap for urinal, with anti-vandal aerator.

Timed taps cover one of the biggest concerns in public places, the need for durability due to their use and excess consumption due to forgetting to close the tap. So they are ideal to save water, very ecological.

All Clever timed taps for sinks and urinals have a self-cleaning cartridge, making them perfect for any type of public bathroom. In addition, they have flush and vandal-proof aerator.

In addition, it contains an anti-particulate filter integrated in the water inlet. Like all articles for bathrooms, they are manufactured in the best materials, guaranteeing excellent quality and great durability.

The self-cleaning timed urinal faucet has a Cosedal cartridge, which guarantees durability.

It has been subjected to the strictest quality controls, supporting up to 25 bars of pressure for 60 seconds, the recommended pressure being 3 bars.

Thanks to the interior design of these faucet solutions, the water is prevented from producing sound waves. A device located on the taps' eccentrics absorbs the sound waves from the water coming from the plumbing installation. This achieves a considerable noise reduction, increasing comfort when using the sink or urinal.

Clever's new taps represent an innovation in terms of accessories for sinks and urinals. They offer an elegant and above all functional solution for public toilets, as well as a very long service life, to guarantee a long life and durability.

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